Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Feature: Willis Earl Beal

 When Willis Earl Beal's first single 'Evening Kiss' came out in February, it immediately captured my attention with a resemblance to Elliott Smith's brilliant 'Needle in the Hay'. I could not help but to put the song on repeat and search for more of Beal's music.

Last Tuesday his debut album 'Acousmatic Sorcery' was released, and it can be streamed here (not sure for how long though..). In my opinion it offers soul-driven lo-fi folk, with both beautiful and paranoia causing melodies and lyrics. In other words, some songs take more time to hit than others.

Born in Chicago, Beal has lived through interesting and harsh incidents, like being discharged from the army due to intestinal problems and spending some time homeless in New Mexico. There he left CDs in public spaces and self-illustrated flyers in the hope of finding a girlfriend. By dialing Beal's number on the flyer, he'd sing a song to the caller. If you want to hear him sing, dial the number on his website.

With a busy tour across North America, UK and Europe ahead, there's no doubt the future will be interesting as well. Only this time with events music fans can't wait to hear about.

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